Science – Ecology Project

Ecology Project Prerequisite: must have attended the Nov 21 field trip to the aquarium  0.25 credits – read lesson – 10 question quiz – 3 short answer response – paper (one of 5 previous extinctions) – poster or presentation on an endangered animal

Google Docs Practice

Google Docs Getting Started Practice Resources Media Folder Practice Files Folder Theme Story Narrative Topic 01Document Mangement GCF Lesson To create a new file: From Google Drive, locate and select the New button, then choose the type of file you want to create. In our example, we’ll select Google Docs to create a new document.  Your new file will appear in a new […]

Microsoft Word 2019 Practice Files Folder

Microsoft Word 2019 Practice Files Folder Module 01 Managing documents and options L1_T1_try_locate_elements_starter L1_T2_try_farm_starter L1_T3_act_command_groups_for_Microsoft_Word L4_T1_try1_concord_grapes_simple_starter L4_T1_act_formatting_example L3_T2_try_farm_starter L3_T2_act_whitepaper_with_cover_image L2_T2_try_farm_produce_report_starter L2_T2_act_farm_produce_report L1_T3_try_group_of_commands_starter L1_T3_act_farm_produce_report L4_T1_try2_concord_grapes_simple_starter L4_T2_act_formatting_example L4_T2_try1_concord_grapes_clear_formatting_starter L4_T2_try2_concord_grapes_set_default_format_starter L5_T1_act_formatting_example_spacing L5_T1_try1_concord_grapes_lines_starter L5_T1_try2_concord_grapes_paragraphs_starter L5_T2_act_formatting_example_indents_alignment L6_T2_try2_farm_produce_report_bookmarks_starter L6_T2_try1_farm_produce_report_links_starter L6_T2_act_Munsons_cookbook_recipes_link L6_T1_try2_farm_report_guests_starter L6_T1_try1_farm_report_visitors_starter L6_T1_act_Munsons_cookbook_recipes L5_T2_try2_vendor_letter_quote_starter L5_T2_try1_vendor_letter_starter     Module 02 Managing edits and document layouts   Module 03 Working with objects Accordion […]

Microsoft Word 2019 Media Folder

Microsoft Word 2019 Media Folder​ Place mouse over an image to see the title. Click on it to see the full image. With the full image displayed, right-click on the image to copy or save for your activity. Volunteer_Genevieve_Rollins_illustration Dandelion seeds blowing from stem Munsons_Pickles_and_Preserves_Farm_sign_illustration Munsons_logo_square_illustration Munsons_logo_Square_for_dark_background Munsons_logo_banner_large_illustration Munsons_cookbook_book_illustration Logo_Munsons_banner_illustration Kitchen_tool_3D_food_printer_illustration Kitchen_tool_cooking_pot_illustration Kitchen_tool_cooking_pot_lid_illustration Kitchen_tool_jar_illustration Kitchen_tool_measuring_cup_illustration […]

Microsoft Word 2019

Microsoft Word 2019 Getting Started Textbook Control Bar (located under the digital textbook) From left to right, options include: PDF Page number (you can type directly in the pace to access a specific page). Note: this number differs from the page number in the digital textbook, which starts again at the beginning of each module. […]

CCE01T01L02 – YouScience BrightPath Inquiry

PURPOSE //  We will study lesson content so I can verb end result to reason for learning by demonstration of competency. Continue Aptitude & Career Discovery text Check Your Understanding Activity directions – Consider what you have studied and respond to the following inquiries. Continue Section_02 Title Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce […]